Getting Organized

On Wednesday I met my supervisor who advised me to start managing my research content. By doing this early on I will be able to access information I have collected fast and efficiently. To tackle this I have set up a Delicious account. Here I can bookmark links I have found that are relevant and organize them into stacks. My account can be viewed here.

I also have began writing up the thesis. I have labeled all sections that are required and for now I will put information that I think will fit into the section and its reference to keep me on track so I’m not searching for information that I have found months prior.

I have been researching the possibility of integrating the SDK with Unity. I have found a number of documentation that supports it such as this wiki for example. Now what worries me is the fact there is no native plugin for Unity. I created an account with the Unity Answers Community and I have been inquiring about this subject. I have found a plugin for the Move called uniMove but it is only available for mac. I have emailed the author of the wiki for further information.

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