Getting Practical

This week we have been getting on with the build of our contemporary art project. We decided the best course of action would be to build the bin ourselves using recycled materials. We built the bin to the same scale as the matching 8Bit LED display so that they resemble large pixels.

This week we also built the cardboard boxes that will house the LED’s. They will also have a diffusing material inside to spread the light evenly across the perspex cover. The perspex has has been sand blasted to also help diffuse the light from being a circular shape. We have programmed the Arduino Mega to generate a random number and display a particular light sequence depending on the random number. Another member of the class has taken PIR sensor from an air freshener. This sensor is exactly what we need as the LDR would mean we need a lid on the bin. We really would prefer not to do this as that would add another step to the person disposing the rubbish into a bin. If they can simply drop it in a box it may not deter them from doing it. This is about getting people to place their rubbish in a bin and not over the edge of the living bridge! During the Easter break we plan to come together to get the sensor set up to the sequences of the LED lights. We have ordered 30 LEDs from china and should be here within a week. When we start coming to the fruition of the build we will begin the promotion of the 8Bit Bin. Eimear has already began drawing up design of our 8Bit logo.

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