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On April 20th during my presentation for my final project, I discussed my idea to develop a customisable mixed reality communication environment for individuals who do not have face-to-face interaction with one another.

Presentation Slides

During my research I came across an interesting project that has some elements that I would like to replicate as part of my final project. It is a Telepresence System with Room-Sized Real-Time 3D Capture and Life-Sized Tracked Display Wall by Andrew Maimone and Dr. Henry Fuchs. It utilizes 10 Kinect cameras that are used for capture and 1 for eye tracking.

A paper I found relevant to my project was Kinesthetic Interaction – Revealing the Bodily Potential in Interaction Design. This paper discusses the growing interest in designing for the whole body in interaction design. The authors research Bill Buxton’s theory that today’s computer systems make extremely poor use of the potential of the human’s sensory and motor systems.

After the presentation I was advised to look at the fun aspect of my project and maybe research the fun theory. Also It was brought to my attention that instead of my project being standalone application that perhaps it could be a plugin for Skype. I was also informed to look at Kinect examples and research how people interact with it. I have enough research for now on the technical aspects of the project and that I need to start researching the concept behind the idea in the first place in more detail.

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  1. Caitriona Egan says:

    Hello lovely, marvelous work, looking forward to getting to hear all about the outcomes…Cairiona

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