Interactive Media In Society

This module teaches appreciation of how cultural studies developed and its future directions. In relation to media it allowed us to be more aware of the impacts of recent changes in the field.
The central focus to the module was the topic of society and technology and their influence on one other.

The first assignment was to produce and essay and infographic surrounding the concept, The mutual shaping of technology and society: Mapping the socio technical controversies. Our group chose “The Use of Social Media Within the London Riots”. After the report was written we presented our findings to the class.

Mapping Socio Technical Controversies

Final Assignment

It was required to explore an area, issue or domain that I would like to explore with my Final Project and Thesis. The goals of the project were:

Describe the selected area
With different perspectives in play
Discuss actors, politics and issues that I intend to investigate
Produce an infograpic

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