Interactive Media Workshop 1

This module allowed us to gain hands on experience using software packages and filming and recording equipment. We completed tutorials in applications e.g. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Audicity, Logic, Final Cut Express, Premier Pro and After Effects. Workshops were held throughout the year by professionals in the field of film and photography and Sound. All of these skills were put into practice with audio and filming projects. We completed a 4 minute film that was screened in Limerick in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland.



As part of the Interactive Media Workshop Module we were given the chance to experiement with sound recording and editing. The task was to recreate a story written by Bock the Robber using audio only. I chose “The Sailor Who Drank The Sea”. I used Hollywood Edge sound effects, www.freesound.com and Recordings to recreate this script. The sounds were combined using Audacity Audio Editor.

My Instrumental

Original by Bock The Robber


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