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8-Bit Classic

One of the large projects the iMedia class is undertaking is the contemporary art in the public realm waste project. The task is to change the publics attitude towards littering around campus. This could be an art installation or an interactive installation. Am example we looked at was BinIT. ┬áThis project consisted of a set of bins in Limerick train station. They had the ability to move and produce sounds independently. They would follow people who had littered around the station reminding them to place their rubbish inside the bin. They area around campus we chose was the living bridge. We discovered after interviewing one of the cleaning staff that it is a major trouble spot. He explained that the litter isn’t exactly visible as people passing by have a habit of throwing it over the bridges edge. After getting this insight we decided to visit the bridge ad document the bridge itself e.g. shape, length, foot traffic and amount of bins etc. We noticed there is not one bin on the bridge. Not even at the seating areas. With this information we chose to design a bin that attracted passers by to it. Maybe something with a visual rewards system that entices them to return or at least spread the word. The document above discusses our idea of our LED 8-bit Bin. We envision a bin with a small 8-bit LED matrix that attracts users. The 8 bit design will hopefully evoke a response from the target age group (18+) especially using matching chip tune earcons. ┬áThere 8-bit corresponding hanging display will have larger icons with a screensaver when the bin is not in use. Now to figure the build! Scridb filter

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