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Experimenting with Arduino

For the last couple of weeks Mikael Fernstrom has introduced us to the Arduino. We were given a basic kit consisting of the Arduino, Piezo sensor, a potentiometer, resisters, light dependent resistors and wires. Before we began attaching electrical components and programming the Arduino we were introduced to the fundamentals of electronics. We looked at measurements and schematics examples of a curcit layouts of different components e.g switches, capacitors, sensors etc. Once familiar with the logic of electronics the experimentation began. The first program manipulated the piezo sensor (normally a pressure sensor) to play a melody. Following that we re-appropriated examples given by the Arduino programming environment. e.g. to accept analog inputs and outputs, to change the LED blink rate using the light dependent resister and to change the LED blink rate using the potentiometer as a dimmer switch. Scridb filter

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