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The Role of the Body


On Friday last 3 members of the class presented a seminar on the role of the body within interaction design. They discussed how interaction can become more engaging, experimental and intuitive by directly engaging with interactive artifacts rather than a mediating input device.Areas looked at were; wearable computing, gesture recognition and the power of brainwaves as a control device. Activities in these areas were carried out to test the effectiveness of this type of Human-Computer interaction. First there was the Magic Device. We were given an futuristic electronic badge that could have the functionality of anything. There were ten functions given to us and we decided how the magic device would complete this task. Our group chose finding a space in the car park. We decided the device would be scanned at each row of the car park by an electronic pole. the pole would then change its colour to green or red depending on the availability of a space. But this is a magic device! Why stop there! We also added the idea of a holographic display emanating from the device showing where the space was. Also the driver could book the space. The next activity explored the area of gesture-based interactions. We were given a set of everyday computational tasks e.g. copying a file, turning on a laptop etc. Our group chose to copy a file. There were four in our group so we decided to stay away from the traditional idea of gesture based interaction such as making a square shape with thumbs and fingers to take a picture. We wanted to explore the idea of using all four of us to copy a file. We stood in a line and the person behind would tap the person in front which made us spread out like copies! The last activity involved a more out-there approach to the role of the body. One of the presenters brought in a star wars game where the user puts on a headset that reads the brain waves of a person and translate them into message that lifts a ball in a tube. This seminar was of particular interest to me as my project will have users that will only have the use of their body to navigate and control the environment. It was fantastic to see how involved and excited the class became when they weren’t stuck to their chairs, humped over, face first into a screen. I will definitely be researching the resources available on the wiki page. Scridb filter

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