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After taking a look into the technical aspects of our build we realized that the Arduino only has 13 outputs and we need 32. To over come this we have been researching a method known as multiplexing and charlieplexing. This approach allows us to regulate the 5 volts that the Arduino allocates to each pin on a clock to a number of LED’s using a shift register. Basically each LED is attached to one pin of the shift register and it is counting up to 8 bits and lighting each one incrementally. So fast that the eye can’t see the LED turn on and off. This is a very simplified explanation of multiplexing. Below is a video that goes into greater detail. below is an example of our attempt of using this method to light 8 LEDs from 3 Pins on the Arduino. We succeeded in doing this but it was very tedious and complicated with more the set up of electrical components over the programming aspect. With time constraints in mind we have decided to look into the Arduino mega.   Experiment Scridb filter

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