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I have been researching other projects that have achieved something similar to my idea. Here is an official video from playstation describing how the move.me SDK works. This video made me very excited to say the least. I have been afraid to purchase the move and eye with out full confirmation that it has the abilities I am looking for. Also to download the move.me SDK is $100 which is a large sum of money to a student. This cost is not including the PS move starter pack. after following instructions from the PS site I logged onto the Playstation Network to view the move.me application. After an hour of searching I began to panic, realizing that Sony may have released this in the US only (Typical). I discovered from the European Playstation site that it was only released on the 12th of February this year. So at least it should be available to me. Alas I cannot find the download anywhere. There are massive discussions online about this. I’m shocked that a company as large as Sony would announce a release date with no information regarding the failure to follow through with this. Here is the link to the Irish PS site with the release date, all information including the manual. I have emailed the support team for information regarding the release date. I will post what information they give me. This has pushed me to look for solutions in other technologies. I initially had chosen the xBox Kinect as the tracking camera system. The Kinect doesn’t have the competency to track a person in 3D space as well as the PS move and this is why I changed my mind in the first place. I have found a project that someone has managed to move in 3d space using XNA and the Kinect SDK. If I do not get a reply from Sony soon I will be changing to the Kinect. Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of time. Also Unity has an easier integration for the Kinect over the Move.   Scridb filter

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