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In a perfect world

A First Look at a Telepresence System with Room-Sized Real-Time 3D Capture and Life-Sized Tracked Display Wall” by Maimone and Fuchs, ICAT 2011. 10 Kinect cameras were used for capture and 1 for tracking. Display is on two 65″ LCD panels. This system is a similar idea to my thesis idea. It basically pulls in the image that the kinect sees into a window like LCD panel. The person looking at the panel almost gets the sense that the rooms is right next to them, especially with the clever tracking system that changes the perspective of the room. Seeing the level of resources and difficulty involved in recreating this effect to suit may change the functionality of my project to a certain degree. I may explore creating a 3D environment where the users can customize their surroundings. Please View the Video Below.   Scridb filter

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