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Visual Thinking


Today myself and three other classmates presented a seminar to the class as part of the Principals of Interactive Media module. Our goal was to discuss an area of the topic we have chosen (preferably an area that would help the final project) and give the class an exercise that would engage them and inspire them to use in their own projects to aid a better final result. The top we chose was Visual Thinking. I decided the area of paper prototyping would fit well into this area and   personally I believe it is a wonderful prototyping method. The flexibility and disposability of paper allows for ideas to change and flourish with cost and budget implications. Details of paper prototyping can be read in the supporting document below. Further research into the area can be found here on our wiki page.  Paper Prototype Report   Seminar Slides: Here are some examples of paper prototypes the class came up with: Scridb filter

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